Broadway and Great Jones Street (Richard Bauer and First National City Bank)


Sign in the window is for Richard Bauer & Co, a paper and packaging supplier founded in 1916, now based in New Jersey.  On the First National City Bank clock, we can see that it’s now about 1:15. First National City Bank changed it’s name to Citibank in 1976.

Here is the location today, now home to a gourmet coffee shop.

Screenshot-2018-2-28 Google Maps


Broadway and Bleecker Street (2 luncheonettes)

I’m showing two screenshots for this block.


Unfortunately there isn’t a clear shot, but note the Coca-Cola privilege sign on the south side of the street. That luncheonette is at 640 Broadway, the original Empire State Building, built as the headquarters for the Empire State Bank in 1897. In 1968 the headquarters for the May 2nd Movement, which provided legal counseling to those wishing to avoid the draft, could be found in this building. Today the location is a Swatch retailer.

Screenshot-2018-2-23 Broadway Bleecker St.jpg

Below is a clearer view of the old-style Pepsi privilege sign on the hero sandwich restaurant.


According to Daytonian in Manhattan, the building was crumbling by the 1970s, though it was later refurbished and is now home to luxury apartments and shops.

Screenshot-2018-2-23 Broadway Bleecker St(1)

Broadway & Houston Street: Mobil and Paragon Oils


Fantastic view here. We can fully see the Mobil station and sign, while looming above is a huge painted sign: Most N.Y. City Buildings Heat with Paragon Oils. Paragon Oil was founded in 1925 and gained prominence after World War II, when it won the exclusive contract to supply fuel oil to Europe during its reconstruction. In 1957 the company was sold to Texaco, though it still operates under the Paragon name today.

610 Broadway was a car wash and parking garage when it was acquired by Macklowe Properties in 2001. Two years later they built this generic glass office building.

Screenshot-2018-2-22 Google Maps

Broadway and Spring Street: National Bank of North America


Large sign for the National Bank of North America with a clock that confirms the time of the Fleisig clock, it’s a little after one in the afternoon. Established as the First National Bank & Trust Company of Freeport in 1905, the bank changed its name to the Meadow Brook National Bank in 1949. Throughout the 1950s and early 1960s it acquired other banks on Long Island, including banks in Merrick, Hickville, Baldwin, New Hyde Park and Malverne. In the 1960s it became the first Long Island bank to operate in New York City.

In 1967 it acquired the Bank of North America, creating the National Bank of North America. So this was a very new sign, no more than a year old. In 1980 the bank was acquired by National Westminster (NatWest).

Today the location is home to Aritzia Boutique and WeWork.

Screenshot-2018-2-9 Spring St Broadway

Broadway and Broome Street: Acorn Partitions & Desks


Sign at 486 Broadway for Acorn Partitions & Desks. This would be the New York location for Chicago-based Acorn Wire and Iron Works.  Acorn was founded in 1913, originally manufacturing mesh tree guards to prevent horses from eating the bark. Today, Acorn is a leading manufacturer of security gates and wire mesh partitions. They have a New York office in Mamaroneck. Also partially visible is a “Loft for Rent” sign with CA5 phone exchange.

Here is 486 Broadway today:

Screenshot-2018-2-9 Google Maps